I'm having that issue right now trying to find someone with a unique set of skills (sadly, no kidnapping involved). It isn't a common position in our industry so the people I am looking for won't be as readily looking at our company and at the same time posting to their industry boards has had marginal interest. » 3/01/15 11:34am Yesterday 11:34am

Quality itself may be the same, when they process the spices, but using a specialty spice shop usually means they can turn it faster (working in smaller volumes) and also proper storage. The other perk is that they can offer a larger selection as well as higher end varieties than you would find in a grocery store. » 2/28/15 10:39pm Saturday 10:39pm

I found that when making pasta sauce, if you do the oil in a smaller pan (so that it is less shallow) over low heat for a while you can pull more flavor out of the dried ingredients and garlic. I would imagine the same thing works for this sauce. » 2/28/15 12:31pm Saturday 12:31pm

That brings up something else, people (never done a test myself) claim that they can taste the difference between HFCS and cane sugar used in products. As it was established there is no flavor with the product but I am wondering if it is the aftertaste they are noting or if it is the absence of specific flavors that… » 2/26/15 9:47pm Thursday 9:47pm