I would imagine there are too many masters to serve which results in online streaming not being as good. First, obviously, they have to go for the ad revenue for the live broadcast, then they cater to the service providers by have it available for OnDemand on the cable system itself, then they go for the internet.
» 4/18/15 5:04pm Yesterday 5:04pm

I'm not sure what insurance covers in your country, but here (US) it not only covers you hitting someone/thing with your car but also someone damaging/stealing your car. I had that happen to me recently, someone backed into the side of my car in a parking lot and drove off (no witnesses) so I had to go to my insurance‚Ķ » 4/18/15 4:48pm Yesterday 4:48pm

Pretty much, had it happen to me, the only real annoyance was that I didn't have a card for a few weeks (longer story, there apparently was some level of internal fraud at the bank since the replacement card was compromised before I even received it). No fiscal risk for you. » 4/16/15 10:34pm Thursday 10:34pm

I always want to say, off the beaten path is fine for people who have been before, but first time visitors usually want to see the tourist stuff. Even if they later claim "We knew it was there, but totally didn't see it" they want to be able to exclaim they actively avoided it. » 4/11/15 11:43pm 4/11/15 11:43pm

I question if it even will take that, I'm thinking that vandals, people shooting them out of the sky, local ordinances from people not wanting their property used as a route for a delivery company, etc. will kill the program before lawsuits do. Even strong winds will likely be a deal-breaker.
» 4/11/15 1:55pm 4/11/15 1:55pm

I would imagine, as with most places, they are not operating on commission and if (for whatever reason) someone grabbed a watch and ran, the employees wouldn't be on the hook for it. So the trust factor is higher. To them, it may be a means of breaking up the monotony of the day.
» 4/11/15 12:48am 4/11/15 12:48am